fter World War II, Peter, a handsome German pilot, met Irma, a beautiful Texan woman of Hispanic descent. It was love at first sight. Their meeting had been prophesized—for Irma by her grandmother and for Peter by a Gypsy—and together the couple would create an extraordinary life. Irma's Story: American by Birth, Hispanic by Choice chronicles Irma's life and the experiences of the "Texan Gawendas" during their tenure in the German military in Europe and the United States. Though Irma, accepted as an American while in Europe, faced discrimination in her home country and contended with the challenges of being a military wife, Peter's love and companionship remained constant.

In his second book, Peter B. Gawenda, author of The Children's War, offers readers an insider's view of the joys that the marriage of two people—from two completely different worlds—can bring. Presenting the dynamics of racial issues against the backdrop of military life, the captivating story of Irma Lozano de Gawenda depicts a fearless, fiercely loyal
woman willing to do anything for her family.

Written with a passion that has spanned five decades, Irma's Story celebrates the strength
of an once-in-a-lifetime love.

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